Experimental Penguins (Single-Player Demo)

Game Creation: July 30, 2000

Publisher: Rocketsnail Games

Long before Club Penguin, I created a little world with Flash 4 called Experimental Penguins.

Sometime in 1999, I had an idea to create a massive multiplayer snowball game called Snow Blasters! I had finished Ballistic Biscuit and I was excited to create my dream.

I did not know how to create a multiplayer game in Flash? (Version 4) I decided to start small and focus on the core features.

Each player could give their penguin a name, chat, and explore a multi-room world. Experimental Penguins later evolved into Penguin Chat.
I launched Experimental Penguins to the world in July 2000. I was surprised by the success, and have continued to create worlds ever since.