HTML5 Games

Mine Blocks is a 2D Minecraft browser fan game, originally made in flash and then ported to HTML5. It's creator is ZANZLANZ.

Flash Games

Interactive Buddy is a Tamagotchi-styled game where you play with your little buddy. Every interaction gives you some money. There's skins, and weapons.
Santa's Chimney Trouble is a game where you have to create a chimney in time for Santa. Ho, ho, ho!
Bowman is a game where you have to shoot the other archer with your bow, and then you win the game. However, there's a catch. The game is not too easy.
Line Rider is an internet game, with versions available for Microsoft Silverlight and Flash. It was originally created in September 2006 by Boštjan Čadež (also known as "fšk"), a Slovenian student. Soon after its initial appearance on DeviantArt, Line Rider became an internet phenomenon.
Scary Maze Game is a game to test how shaky your hand is. [Warning: There's a loud jumpscare at the end.]
Experimental Penguins is where Club Penguin started. It was made in Macromedia Flash 4. Realtively good for it's time, eh? Well... 'lemme tell you how it all started. Way back in the Winter of 1999, RocketSnail had an idea to make a multiplayer strategy game with penguins. In July of 2000, RocketSnail started it's first attempt at creating a virtual world, Experimental Penguins. A second attempt was made, and Experimental Penguins was renamed to Penguin Chat 2 in January 2003. Then came Penguin Chat 3, somewhere near 2003 to 2004. And then Club Penguin was born, officially launched October 24th, 2005.

JavaScript Games

Racer is a game that's sorta like F-Zero, or Pole Position. It's (obviously) made in JavaScript, hence the "JavaScript" header.
PAC-MAN is a game where you eat pellets and avoid any ghosts. The goal is to make it to the end. Waka, Waka, Waka!
GIFYPET is a custom Tamagotchi simulator. You can customize the looks of the Tamagotchi, and change the background. For this instance, I chose my hamster Bebe. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us.
Breakout is a game where you have to break bricks and try not to loose the ball.
Snake is a game where you have to eat apples and try not to die. This game is probably the most basic game ever, and, it's been ported to many things.
Jan-ken-pon is Japanese Rock Paper Sissors. By the way, this JavaScript game was generated by GPT-3.


Pizza Tower is a fun game about a pizza delivery guy, Peppino, delivers a pizza to a hedgehog named Snick. It's tactics are based on speed, and the game is also inspired by the Wario Land franchise. There is a lot of demos so I be using one of the first few demos here.
Undertale is a game where you play as a child, Frisk, who fell into the underground; a large secluded region underneath the surface of the Earth, seperated by a magical barrier.
Baba Is You is a puzzle game where you can change the rules by which you play. In every level, the rules are present as blocks you can interact with; by manipulating them, you can change how the level works and cause surprising, unexpected interactions! NOTE: This is the JAM build.


OneShot is a game where you are to guide a child through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its long-dead sun. The world knows you exist.
Bombzuka is a game where you star as Bombzuka and your goal is to strategically and carefully detonate each and every bomb/mine found within every level, while making sure to leave yourself a safe and secure standing place at the end!
Doki-Poya Marin Fishing Game is 3D fishing minigame from Japan, where you got 10 chances to reel in a fish. The best angler will get 10 fishes... are the best one?
The Little Eggy That Could is a game where you star as the Easter Egg. As the egg, you must make your way through each level while picking up all of the pieces of candy that there is to collect.
KickleC is meant to be a faithful, total 3D remake of the original NES game "Kickle Cubicle" by Irem America. The arcade version of Kickle Cubicle contained fewer levels than the NES port and a different sized playfield; many of the arcade levels exist similarly on the NES edition. Even so, there are some differences in gameplay and features.
Tower is a very unique 3D tetris game. In this game you have to build a Tower from various tiles. The tiles are a little bit different form the orginal tetris. The aim of the game is to build a tower as high as possible. Your buildable area is marked by wooden scaffolding on the tower base. The only way to lose the game is to build tower over scaffold. Scaffold will rise every time you complete a row (stack). If you did gap do not panic, after next row is completed Scaffolds wil rise for two rows. There also are golden details, which give you huge bonus if you complete row with it. Also don't get it mixed up with Pizza Tower.