My name is Keaton. My birthday is 2/18 and I really like the 90's web.
I discovered NeoCities not in a way you'd expect. If you know MattKC, he does a lot of hardware and stuff, and there was this sponsor. And the sponsor that he had shown was an old-looking website. You can check it out here.

So my brain was like:
You know, I should make a 90s-styled website.

And so I did, I first tried using Carrd, that wasn't as good. I tried using Tumblr, it still wasn't as good. I used github, that seems really complicated! Then finally, I discovered NeoCities! I don't exactly where I found out about NeoCities, but I know that what sparked my interest in the 90's web was all thanks to MattKC.

So, I created an account, and I was like:
Yup, this seems like the right place to make a 90's-styled website.

At the time, my website looked like this. And then eventually, my website went from being like this weird red fluff, to pages that have a starry night-time background, cool links and buttons, and tons and tons of games.

So yeah, that basically it.

I also have a 88x31 icon! Feel free to use it in your website, if you want. I'd appreciate it.